Whose Truck?

by Toni Buzzeo
illustrated by Jim Datz
Abrams Appleseed
ISBN 978-1419716126

This nonfiction follow-up to Whose Tools? features six kinds of trucks—a utility truck, a fire truck, a snowplow, an ambulance, a crane, and a broadcasting truck—with five different parts of each truck properly labeled. The answer to each inquiring refrain of “Whose truck is this?” is revealed under a gatefold, engaging the reader in an informative guessing game about trucks and their operators. With lyrical (and factual!) text by New York Times bestselling author Toni Buzzeo, and the expertly stylized art of Jim Datz, this sturdily constructed board book is perfect for curious and playful young readers.
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STARRED REVIEW:"The crisp, colorful illustrations feature a diverse cast of characters and include line workers, firefighters, highway maintenance workers, EMTs, crane operators, and a broadcast crew. Interactive and educational, this one is a must for toddlers and preschoolers fascinated by trucks and the people who operate them." —Kirkus 

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✿ Teachers and Librarians: 
Classroom resources are available 
for this title!
✿ Teachers and Librarians: 
Classroom resources are available 
for this title!WHOSE_TRUCK_files/Whose%20Tools%20Whose%20Truck%20Teaching%20Guide.pdfWHOSE_TRUCK_files/Whose%20Tools%20Whose%20Truck%20Teaching%20Guide.pdfWHOSE_TRUCK_files/Whose%20Tools_Whose%20Truck_TeachingGuideActivitySheets.pdfWHOSE_TRUCK_files/Whose%20Tools_Whose%20Truck_TeachingGuideActivitySheets.pdfshapeimage_19_link_0shapeimage_19_link_1shapeimage_19_link_2shapeimage_19_link_3
Whose Tools? Whose Truck? Teaching Guide
Whose Tools? Whose Truck? Teaching Guide Activity Sheets
✿ Parents and Caregivers: 
Activity sheets are available for this title!WHOSE_TRUCK_files/Whose%20Truck%20Activity%20Sheets%20Matching%201.pdfWHOSE_TRUCK_files/Whose%20Truck%20Activity%20Sheets%20Matching%202.pdfWHOSE_TRUCK_files/Whose%20Truck%20Activity%20Sheets%20Alphabet%201.pdfWHOSE_TRUCK_files/Whose%20Truck%20Activity%20Sheets%20Alphabet%202.pdfshapeimage_21_link_0shapeimage_21_link_1shapeimage_21_link_2shapeimage_21_link_3
Whose Truck Activity Sheets Matching 1.
Whose Truck Activity Sheets Matching 2
Whose Truck Activity Sheets Alphabet 1
Whose Truck Activity Sheets Alphabet 2
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