The Story Behind the Story
In February 2005, my editor Lauri Hornik wrote me the following note:

I've been thinking lately that it would be great to publish a book about going to Mommy's office.  
I haven't really thought beyond that--what exactly 
the story content would be.  But since so many 
moms are working moms these days, it seems to 
me a natural subject matter for a picture book.  
Any ideas?  Thought I'd share in case it inspires 

I hopped right on the idea and created a story that, ultimately, didn't appeal.  After I filed that manuscript away, I tucked the idea into my subconscious and let it work.  A year later, the idea for Adventure Annie Goes to Work came to me in a flash, and I wrote the story of a rambunctious girl with a huge imagination who ends up at her Mommy's office.  Lauri liked what I had written and helped me to further shape the draft into the story of Annie Grace you read in this book.  Best of all, she chose the fabulously talented Amy Wummer to be the illustrator.  Amy captured Annie's energy so completely that she jumps off the page and into your heart. When the color art arrived from Amy for Adventure Annie Goes to Work, I fell even more in love with my rambunctious little character and knew she was going to light up her school when Kindergarten rolled around.  I wrote to my editor, Lauri Hornik, and said, "I think Annie ought to go to Kindergarten."

She responded, "Write it!" and so I did.  

Now, I was not at all like Annie in Miss Smiley's Kindergarten.  I was shy and quiet and afraid of my rather cranky teacher. But as with so many of my characters, I think a high-spirited child lived inside me, the Annie I am able to channel as I write the Adventure Annie stories.

I knew I wanted to use the Pattern of Three story structure again, as I had in Adventure Annie Goes to Work., and so I began by imagining what three adventures Annie might most like to have.  Then I gave her a prop for each one (a zookeeper's hat for her wild animal adventure, high-wire slippers for her high-flying circus adventure, and walkie-talkies for her search-and-rescue adventure) to pack in her backpack.  As in the previous story, Annie's exploits get her into a world of trouble, but in the end, it is Annie who saves the day--as I certainly would have, if my inner child had ever been allowed out!

Adventure Annie 
Goes to Kindergarten 
by Toni Buzzeo
illustrated by 
Amy Wummer 
Dial Books for Young Readers 
ISBN: 978-0803733589
Adventure Annie 
Goes to Work 
by Toni Buzzeo
illustrated by 
Amy Wummer 
Dial Books for Young Readers
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